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Hello, my name is Mark and I live in Washington, D.C.  I made this page to share some cover images from my record collection.

Miracle Surface

I'm curious about who you are and how you found this site. Do you collect records? Are you interested in graphic design? Is there a certain genre of music you like? How about those gams on the Si Zentner cover?

Your comments are most appreciated - Feel free to include your web page address if you have one.

Thank you for visiting.

Answers to a few questions:

Will you make me a tape or CD or MP3 copy of _____?

Sorry, no.

: Where can I purchase a copy of _____?

A: Go to local record stores and shows (in New York City, the WFMU record show is great). Online, try, eBay and searching on Google.

Q: Will you sell me your copy of _____?

A: No.

Q: What images get viewed most often?

A: Oddly enough, Sergio Mendes - The Swinger From Rio gets the most views by far. Runners up usually include Eydie Gorme - Blame it on the Bossa Nova, the Claudine Longet albums and Ronnie Aldrich - This Way "In". Who knew Ronnie Aldrich was so popular?

: When did you start this site?

A: June 1999

Q: How old are you?

A: 28

: How do you make the cover images?

A: Some people have success photographing their covers and then scanning the prints. This process is not practical for me so I scan the covers directly. My scanner can only scan an area of about 8.5 x 11 inches so each 12 inch LP cover image is pieced together from four separate scans.
I'm not a graphic artist so on some images you may see the "seams" where the pieces come together. Here's where they are on most covers:

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