Georgie Auld - Sax Gone Latin
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Capitol Records T 1045

If I Could be With You
You Do Something to Me
As You Desire Me
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Take Me
You're My Thrill

Love Me or Leave Me
Give Me Something to Remember You By
All of Nothing at All
Take Me in Your Arms
The Nearness of You
Won't You Please Come Home

Yesterday's tunes get the latest in stylings in this adventurous album - and the
surprise in the package is the latin accent which adds a stimulating dash of chili
to the whole affair.

Georgie Auld, an old hand at creating a happy dancing sound, this time takes off
on a walloping junket to bongo-land, and the Jud Conlin Rhythmaires happily go
along for the ride. Together, they hit a new high in imaginative and romantic
interpretations of the dozen favorite songs which make up this rhythmic romp.

Tenor man Auld and the Conlin group, while proving themselves simpatico to the
Afro-Cuban motif, nevertheless retain inherently individual styles... Georgie's
sharp punctuations, robust tone, and driving beat... the Rhythmaires' smooth
intros, cleverly restyled lyrics, and modern vocal gymnastics.

From time to time, Georgie and the gang simmer down to a cozy glide, as in Give
Me Something to Remember You By.
But the more dynamic gaits, in numbers like
You're My Thrill, tend to dominate the program and give the proceedings the
uplifting, uptempo fiesta mood.

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