Luis Arcaraz - Whispering
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RCA Victor LPM-1385

April Showers
This Love of Mine
Sentimental Journey

You'll Never Know
Sunrise Serenade
It's Been a Long, Long Time
Love Letters in the Sand
You Made Me Love You

From the earliest pops and ticks of recorded music, the big seller - the gold award
winner - has combined music, artists and arrangement to capture public acclaim.

In this album Luis Arcaraz, through the magic of hi-fi and the genius of his talent,
recreates some musical treasures of years past....

The year - 1920. It started the Jazz Age and one of the songs that started it off was
Whispering... the artist, Paul Whiteman.

1929 - the year of that joyous, fabulous, unforgettable era - the song... April Showers...
the artist, Al Jolson.

Six years and a depression later - 1935 - the song... Love letters in the Sand... and
the artist who wrote them there - Sammy Kaye.

Tlie War Drums rattled in Europe and a man with an umbrella talked of "peace in our
time." The year - 1938 - and matched with the foreboding beat of marching men was
a gay song... Jalousie... the artist - Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. Scant months
later and half the world was engulfed in the flames of war, but some still hoped, and
the incomparable Glenn Miller played a song that symbolized that hope - Sunrise

1941... and the Day of Infamy that threw the rest of the world into the turmoil... The
song - This Love of Mine - and the artist, Tommy Dorsey and a new young singer by
the name of Frank Sinatra.

A year later, 1942, words like "G. I." and "Wake" and "Corregidor" became familiar to all.
The song - You Made Me Love You - and the artist, Harry James with Helen Forrest.

1943 - The tide of aggression readied its peak. The song was You'll Never Know. The
artist was Dick Haymes.

1945 - The war was over in Europe and in the Far East. The song that sold a million
copies that year was symbolic of the day - It's Been a Long, Long Time - the artist,
Harry James.

1945 again... The soldiers trade their khaki for corduroy, "Ike" jackets for sport jackets,
a young girl singer introduces the big seller that year - the song, Sentimental Journey -
the artist, Doris Day and Les Brown.

Ah, Peace - it's wonderful. 1946 and the song is the title from a movie - Laura and the
artist is Stan Kenton.

1947 - and a new word was added to the dictionary of International Politics, "Cold
War." The song - Ballerina - and the artist, Vaughn Monroe.


by Radio Corporation of America, 1957