Baja Marimba Band - Watch Out!
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A&M Records SP 4118

Portuguese Washerwoman
The More I See You
Sabor a Mi
Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Somewhere My Love

Gay Ranchero
Spanish Moss
Telephone Song
Tomorrow Will be Better
Ghost Riders in the Sky

Defining the Baja Marimba Band and its success story can be done two ways (if you need that many ways). Literally defined, Baja, Marimba and Band, taken in conjunction, can be said to be a "musical aggregation that plays the percussion-oriented music commonly found in the towns and villages situated on the western peninsula of Mexico known as Lower California."

For anyone familiar with the Baja Marimba Band this is hardly a definition, more like an invitation to lunch.

The Baja Marimba Band is a merry group of nine musicians led by the incomparable marimbaist, Julius Wechter. They have delighted the devotees of the 'lazy' Latin sound by punctuating those languid rhythms with witty Dixieland, modern Rock and almost Jazz beats. From their records, concerts and television appearances they have accumulated an enthusiastic audience atuned to their happy blend, and like their A&M stablemates, the Tijuana Brass, they have followed their initial audio acceptance with one of the most popular visual acts on the national concert and television circuit. Their horsehair moustaches, fuming cigars, ill-fitting haberdashery (reminiscent of Wallace Beery as Pancho Villa) have perfectly created a scene that complements the merry and raucous humor of their music. One look at the covers of their albums should tell you that their attitude commits itself more to the robust than the retiring.

This fresh and happy music has carried the Baja high on the crest of national popularity and new horizons are being bounded every day. Here for your enjoyment, whether you be old fan or recent discoverer, is their latest, the fourth musical entertainment special; The Baja Marimba Band... WATCH OUT!