The John Buzon Trio - Cha Cha on the Rocks
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Liberty Records LRP-3124

Don't Worry 'Bout Me
When It's Sleepy Time Down South
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
Blue and Broken Hearted
A Ghost of a Chance
Cha Cha on the Rocks

I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
Does Your Heart Beat For Me?
Down by the Station
Stars Fell on Alabama
It Must Be True
Squatty Roo

Ask the man on the street to name the most important product we import from our Latin
American neighbors and he would not answer, as one might expect, coffee,
bananas, sugar or rum... he would say the cha cha. For cha cha, once a delicacy
savored only by Cafe Society, is now rapidly becoming the main course at college
proms, high school hops and, in fact, just feed grandpa one chile pepper to change
"hotcha" to cha cha.

Seldom has a new dance craze caught on so spontaneously with all age groups. In
the beginning, however, the fever was limited to those who could endure a seemingly
endless succession of monotonous tunes sung in a foreign language. But it soon
became apparent that many of our best known standards not only took on new
character when adapted to the cha cha rhythm, but they sounded better than ever
before. Then it happened! Ole!

In this album the exciting John Buzon Trio offers for your dancing pleasure the full
gamut of cha cha rhythms set to the "oldies"—standards that everyone knows.
There's the bolero-cha cha treatment of Ghost of a Chance and Stars Fell On
the bright staccato-cha cha of When It's Sleepy Time Down South and It
Must Be True...
and you'll say "si-si" to the calypso-cha cha rhythm of the title song.
And the whole album is generously sprinkled with the John Buzon Trio's fresh musical

It's a swinging' album all the way; so get yourself a dancing partner, tune up your hi-fi,
pull back the rugs, and enjoy a most refreshing CHA CHA ON THE ROCKS.


If you are one of the fortunate owners of the Liberty album INFERNO (Monaural
LRP-3108, Stereo LST-7108) by the John Buzon Trio you'll need no introduction to this
fabulous musical group.

You will have already thrilled to the astounding rounds seldom produced by the
Hammond organ. When John Buzon plays, the instrument is at once a vibraphone, a
brass section, marimba, string bass or you name it.

You will be thinking that it couldn't possibly be just Loren Holding playing the alto
saxophone, clarinet baritone saxophone and maracas... sometimes all in the same
song... without losing a note in the process. And your toes will be tapping from the
solid beat generated by drummer Jack Russell. You will already know the raucous
John Buzon Trio of Caravan and Mambo Rock and the intimate Buzon Trio of Smoke
and your dancing shoes will have registered plenty of mileage.

You will easily understand why the John Buzon Trio is one of the fastest rising groups
on  the recording horizon.

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