Les Baxter - Jungle Jazz
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Capitol Records T1184

Rain Forest
Amazon Falls
Carnival Merengue

Isle of Cuba
Blue Jungle
Voodoo Dreams
One Thousand Cockatoos
Go Chango
Jungla Brava

For this album, Les has captured the teeming, steaming excitement of South America's
jungles in twelve of his original compositions. His vivid orchestrations present the wild,
exotic sounds of the primitive forest in striking contrasts to breathtaking jazz
interpretations that feature the great Plas Johnson alternating on tenor sax and alto
flute. In some selections, a full string section is heard, characterizing the freshness of
a dark, damp Rain Forest, the swift rush of Amazon Falls, or the brilliant, melodic
clamour of One Thousand Cockatoos. In others the work of two trumpets, two
trombones, and two French horns creates intricate patterns of melody and riff,
primitive and modem. And throughout these varied moods and tempos is heard the
constant fire of Latin rhythm, and the frequent full-throated tones of Johnson's tenor
sax, blowing a calypso-like chant in Isle of Cuba or swinging out with the haunting
melody of Voodoo Dreams. Even in softer moments there is fire lurking in the
undertones. For these are not the rhythms and melodies of a quiet place. The jungle is
exciting and Les Baxter's music matches perfectly.

Les Baxter is widely and enthusiastically acclaimed as not only the master, but also
the originator of those lustrous sounds that have revolutionized modern popular music.
Many of his past albums have been based on exciting sounds from strange settings in
and out of this world. Les, in his unique way, is able to mold these sounds into
magnificent music... music that appeals to emotions as old as time, yet music as
spectacularly modern as the listener's imagination can perceive.

In one such album, "African Jazz," Les' music echoes the basic ceremonial and
message patterns of tribes throughout Africa. But, never one to let grass - or even
jungle foliage - grow beneath his feet, Les here ventures forth again... this time on a
musical exploration into the wilds of South and Central America. And here are the
spectacular results. Here the timeless meets the modern in a breathtaking, pulsating
whirl of sound. This is the music of high adventure with a beat - exotically presented
in a Baxter blend of JUNGLE JAZZ.

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