Ray Bauduc & Nappy Lamare - Two-Beat Generation
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Capitol Records T-1198

Coffee House Rag
Papa's Gone, Good Bye
My Inspiration
Skater's Waltz
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
Smoky Mary

Sure Had a Wonderful Time
Wang Wang Blues
Savoy Blues
I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
Love is Just Around the Corner


Lester Kooke, who wrote the panegyric which
follows, is one of the more prominent members
of the Beat Generation.  Among his unpublished
works are "Meeow," the testament of a fed-up
cat, and "Blisters," a sonnet dedicated to
anxious bass players everywhere.  Currently
Mr. Kooke is sculpting for his musician friends,
and has just completed work on his first
terra-cotta mellophone.

Friends, now mark this album
Well.  The generators - paced
By Bauduc and LaMare - 
(Oh, yes, dig them sweet)
Belong to another class.
They work for a living. Woe.
Lest I give the wrong impression,
Let me quickly blurt out that
Their vitality, their prowess
And dedication are enough to
Put me to shame. Which
Is not simple.
They stomp their way through
Twelve two-beat melodies
The whole world loves. The whole
World, I cry, for this is music
Of great affirmation! No
Wonder that it did set my
Disciples' sandals to tapping.
Their souls whoopeed. The
Rhythms, they said, were
Irresistible. And so said I.
Then I sought across the dark
Land for the word. And the
Word was "Wow!"
"Wow!" for the beat,
The beat of Bauduc in Smoky Mary.
"Whee!" for LaMare's song of
Freedom in Papa's Gone, Good Bye.
Yes, dig them all!
Praise My Inspiration for Bolen's
Poetic clarinet (recalling
Memories of Faz). Delight in the
Trumpeteers, in Miller, in Furnas,
et al!
Yes, dig them! Then consider their
Souls. Stop awhile and consider.
Oh, yes! Like consider and elate.
Their album is worth it.
It is more than music.
It is more than art.
It is.