The Bob Crewe Generation - Music to Watch Girls By
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DynoVoice Records LP 9003

A Felicidade (Theme from "Black Orpheus")
Theme from "A Man and a Woman"
Let's Hang On
Music to Watch Girls By

Concete and Clay
Theme for a Lazy Girl
A Lover's Concerto
Girls on the Rocks
Winchester Cathedral

There are very few real innovators on the music scene today. Among the most
successful is a young vibrant songwriter-record producer by the name of Bob

The jet set has long been aware of the name Bob Crewe, for his name is
synonymous with the success of The 4 Seasons and Mitch Ryder and the Detroit
Wheels. His personal enthusiasm has resulted in an increasing awareness of the
need for originality when it comes to making records that appeal to every age

A few short weeks ago, among the many records that reached my desk was one
by The Bob Crewe Generation. It is just possible that Bob will end up being the best
friend Madison Avenue had ever hoped for what with the tremendous success of
his "Music To Watch Girls By" (based on the Pepsi-Cola Girl Watcher's Theme).

The music business would not be the exciting business it is without people like Bob
Crewe being a part of it. The New Bob Crewe Orchestra, or as he aptly calls it, The
Bob Crewe Generation, is here. Now! Today! Alive!... bringing with it the sound of
today's generation.

Mrs. Gertie Katzman
Music Director - WNEW
New York, N.Y.

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