Frank Chacksfield - The Great TV Themes
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London Records SP 44077

Route 66
Peyton Place
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Alfred Hitchcock Theme

Peter Gunn
Doctor Kildare
Late Late Show (The Syncopated Clock)
The Glackie Gleason Show (Shangri-La)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

You are looking forward to your favorite television program. The rigorous working
day has passed and you now anticipate the happy feeling of being surrounded by
that well upholstered easy chair. Already, you have taken inventory of the frozen
food supply, and the thawing out process has begun. The electronic wizard shall
soon transform you into a gunfighter, a private eye, or if you are scientifically
inclined, you may find yourself in the midst of brain-surgery. The stage is set, the
lights are dimmed, you hear the theme - that ever so haunting piece of music that
prepares you for your journey into fantasy.

You are now a viewer, joined by millions of others who view. You follow the plot,
watch the action, scan the sets, hanging on to every bit of dialogue. And, last but
not least, there is the music - that all-important ingredient without which no
situation, be it of suspense or relief, is quite complete.

Ironically, the musical themes remain relatively hidden in our minds and yet add
such vital significance to the action we see. Acting upon us as catalysts, they
direct our emotions swiftly and accurately to the situation at hand. Inconspicuously,
they allow us to feel the excitement, danger, compassion and love. And these
themes stay with us. How often do we find ourselves humming that tune that
cannot be identified?

FRANK CHACKSFIELD has done a superlative job of bringing the television
background theme to the fore. He has given the television theme its well-earned
solo performance. The pulsating rhythms of U.N.C.L.E. and Peter Gunn; the
galloping tempos of our favorite westerns Bonanza and Rawhide; the pathos of
our heroic Doctor Kildare; the jocular Alfred Hitchcock theme, so incongruous to
his suspenseful tales of horror - these are some of the highlights of a thoroughly
captivating musical experience.

For the first time, you may welcome that once frustrating electronic failure of

--Bernie Fass

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