Frank Comstock - Project: Comstock Music From Outer Space
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Warner Bros. Records WS 1463

Out of This World
Stella by Starlight
A Journey to a Star
Deep Night
From Another World

Out of Space
On the Dark Side of the Moon
When You Wish Upon A Star
Journey to Infinity
Stairway to the Stars
The Moon is Blue

The music of whirling satellites, brilliant galaxies, streaming comets, mysterious planets, and the eerie reaches of space in-between—all these take on startling musical and dramatic life in this remarkable suite by Frank Comstock. One of the world's most inventive arrangers, Comstock has outdone himself, as his subject gives him light years of latitude to create a new kind of music.

In this Space Age it is natural that the creative talents of our day want to leave the Mississippi mud to rocket out through the stars. That's exactly what Frank Comstock permits us to do here. He sets the theme with the first band—"Out of This World"—and from that point on we can galaxy-hop with him in as original a set of musical arrangements as has ever been recorded.

Sound effects have been sparingly used, since Comstock considers himself a man of music, not a man of electronic gimmickry. Aside from the sound of giant rocket blast off (one sure to give hi-fi fans the shivers) and some out-of-this-world "beep-beeps" the evocation of the frontiers of space has been left to Comstock's arrangements and the very talented company of musicians in his orchestra.

Versatility is the key note to the orchestra. In addition to the normal complement of his orchestra, Comstock has augmented it with musical instruments seldom heard in recordings. The rare Electronic Violin, an instrument which can sustain notes and repeat pizzicato continuously, is heard on four selections, played by Elliot Fisher. A new, electronic Theremin, specially-built and premiered on this recording, is played by Paul Tanner, adding to the unworldly sounds on over half of the songs in the album. Other electric music makers are the Novachord and Hammond Organ played by Buddy Cole and Bobby Hammack, and electric guitar, handled by Allan Reuss and Trefoni Rizzi. Rollie Bundock on bass, Ann Stockron on harp, and dual-percussionists Dale Anderson and Dick Shanahan round out the rhythm section. Five saxophones, four cellos, and five trombones complete the orchestra.

Frank Comstock, who composed three original numbers to complete this suite of twelve impressions —"On the Dark Side of the Moon," "Journey to Infinity" and "Galaxy"—has an impressive list of musical credits to his name. Although this is his first spatial journey on records, Comstock is well-known within the more earthly realms as a film arranger (from April in Paris to The Music Man), long-time recording musical director for such artists as the Hi-Lo's, and arranger for such dance bands as Les Brown's. This highly compressed list of names gives only the vaguest sort of hint of the vast background to Frank Comstock; he has arranged for well over a thousand recording sessions alone.

It is that rich and varied background that Comstock brings to "Music From Outer Space" And it is that inventive imagination that makes this unprecedented musical journey through uncharted regions as constantly surprising, rewarding, and thrilling as it is.

1962 Warner Bros. Records, Inc. a subsidiary and licensee of Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.