Johnny Conquet - Raisins & Almonds Cha Cha Cha & Merengues
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RCA Victor LSP-1789

Raisins and Almonds Cha Cha
Freilach Merengue
Shein vi di Lavone Cha Cha
Merengue Mania
Mambo a Bisel

Sher Cha Cha
Mazel-Tov Merengue
Dates and Figs
Meanwhile back at the Harem
Matzoh Ball Merengue

From the snow-capped heads at Miami Beach to the sun-tanned backs at the Catskills,
people are dancing and the cha cha is king. Young and old alike are sidling onto the
dance floor at the first twitch of a timbale.

At a local resort, legend has it, a waiter dropped a tray of dishes and 23 couples were
cha-cha-chaing before the last teacup stopped spinning. The waiter got a bigger hand
than the house band's Star Dust. He later encored with a tray of cocktail glasses. By
him the fox trot is as passť as yesterday's borscht.

So there's no surprise in hearing these wonderful folk songs and dances turned into
mambo, merengue and cha cha cha. A draidel by any other name dances just as
good. Even a white-haired bubba with twinkling eyes will take a twirl at a familiar
freilach dressed up in a Latin beat. And in this day and age, even a kazatski becomes
a mambo in the right hands ... or feet. So, whether it's the exotic new RAISINS AND
ALMONDS or MERENGUE MANIA (Roumania, Roumania), there's something here for
everyone who likes to count one and two and three together... with a wriggle. So
when the leader yells, "Zetz!"—let's see you with it!

© by Radio Corporation of America, 1958

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