Xavier Cugat - Bang Bang
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Decca Records DL 4799

Theme from "Zorba The Greek"
Bang Bang
Moon Over Naples
La Playa
Quiet Nights
Concrete and Clay

These Boots are Made for Walkin'
The Joker
Call Me
The Phoenix Love Theme
Almost There

Before Xavier Cugat organized America's first tango orchestra—and soared
to the top as the greatest delineator of Latin rhythms—he had a successful
career as an artist. And that may explain his mastery of the art of making his
music unique.

Painting a musical canvas demands much more than merely outlining the melody
in recognizable terms, and competently filling in the background. What sets off
one picture from another is the creative touch of the man with the brush.

Xavier Cugat has always had that touch as an artist—and he has carried the
gift over into his music. Listen to any Cugat arrangement. Notice how quickly
and surely he etches out the melody of what he is playing and then, with the
deft strokes of the true artist, how he adds his own glowing interpretation.
Inevitably, the finished piece is music unlike anyone else's in the world.

"Cugie" does it again in this excitingly melodic album that lives up to the name
of its title song, Bang Bang—and you're swept away by the infectious tide of
tunes and tempos.  Bang Bang is a chalypso—a smooth blending of cha cha
and calypso. But Xavier Cugat also makes you boss of bossa nova, with
such songs as Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars and Almost There.

The song La Playa is given an authentic Mexican flavor... Charade takes the
Henry Mancini waltz and artfully transforms it into a samba... and you'll just
have to begin to beguine when Xavier Cugat puts a fresh gleam in Moon Over

But perhaps the surest proof that the Cugat beat conquers all is the sparkling
style with which he weaves a Latin rock-and-roll tempo into such songs as
Theme From "Zorba The Greek," Concrete And Clay, These Boots Are Made
For Walkin'
and Call Me.

For pure listening enjoyment, they're great. But why fight it—everybody,
young and old, dances when the incomparable Cugat plays!

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