Xavier Cugat - Feeling Good!
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Decca Records DL 4672

Hello, Dolly!
Mexican Pearls
Fiddler on the Roof
And I Love Her
La Bamba

Feeling Good
Cast Your Fate to the Wind
It's Not Unusual
Game of Love
Chim, Chim, Cher-ee

Xavier Cugat.

The name, the man, his music stand alone at the pinnacle. No one has so dominated
an area of popular music as has the charming, talented "Cugie" - master of the
Latin-accented beat.

The Cugat career has been a notable one in every respect. A child prodigy, he was
a concert master in Cuba for symphony and opera orchestras at the age of twelve.
In fact, the great Caruso was the one who encouraged him to come to the United
States. For a while, he demonstrated his artistic versatility by becoming a noted
cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times (a talent that he still displays in brilliant quick

But music was always his first love. Rudolf Valentino suggested that he start a tango
orchestra - the first in this country - and for the next decade or so, Xavier Cugat
was featured at the Coconut Grove and the New York Waldorf-Astoria. His suave
continental manner, warm humor, and unsurpassed musicianship soon won a
tremendous following - and the respect of the show business world. Cole Porter
wrote "Begin The Beguine" for him; and other standards expressly written for the
Cugat orchestra include "Frenesi," "Brazil," and "Besame Mucho."

With personal engagements, roles in 18 MGM musicals, a succession of hit
recordings, and appearances on virtually every major radio and TV show, clearly, the
name "Cugat" is one of the top box office draws of all time.

In this, his latest album, you can enjoy that special Cugat treatment as it is accorded a
dozen widely varied songs - embracing the world of motion pictures, Broadway
musicals, and current teen hits.

There are satin-smooth arrangements of And I Love Her (one of the Beatles' best
tunes), and Cast Your Fate To The Wind. There's the rhythmic beat of Downtown...
this year's Academy Award-winner, Chim, Chim, Cher-ee... Hello, Dolly! and
Fiddler O
n The Roof from the stage hits of the same names... and the pulsating
excitement of the theme from Goldfinger.

These, and other favorites, are Cugat at his best. For music that delivers good
listening, good dancing, and that guaranteed good feeling, try FEELING GOOD! with
Xavier Cugat.

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