Jackie Davis - Tiger on the Hammond
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Capitol Records ST 1419

You Took Advantage of Me
You Forgot Your Glove
Should I
You Do Something to Me
Calypso Blues
Thou Swell

Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
I Don't Want to Walk Without You
You and the Night and the Music
I've Got the World on a String
The Major and the Minor

The cage door is open, but don't "hold that tiger"—it's Jackie Davis on the loose again!
The kitten on the keys becomes a swinging cat as Jackie Davis hops aboard the
Hammond for a spectacular session at the organ. Jazz-infected, yet exciting for pop
music fans as well, the round dozen selections on which Jackie sharpens his claws
confirm once more that keys and pedals are his natural habitat.

Tiger on the Hammond

Likening Jackie to a far-out feline is
anything but far-fetched. His flashing
footwork -stopping, starting and reversing
his field on the pedals with cat-like
dexterity - augments a brilliant keyboard
technique. A flood of single notes and
chords carry each song on a happy road
where the familiar landmarks of the original
melody always remain reassuringly in view.

Even if you were to personally pick and
choose a diversified program for Jackie
Davis, you'd have a hard time topping the
fine list of standards that make up this
album. Employing so many of the countless
tonal effects which are possible on the
versatile Hammond, he secures further his position as one of the country's foremost
pop and jazz organists.

So here's your chance to catch a tiger that really swings! Listen as Jackie Davis
once more earns his stripes.

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