Jackie Davis - Hammond Gone Cha-Cha
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Capitol Records T1338

Ain't She Sweet?
A Woman in Love
Rain on the Roof
Heat Wave
In A Little Spanish Town
Then I'll Be Happy

Lady, Play Your Mandolin
I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'
Glow-Worm Cha Cha Cha
Love is Just Around the Corner

At the drop of a sombrero, it seems, hundreds of thousands of norteamericanos are currently accepting the invitation of the Cha-Cha beat. More than any other dance craze of recent vintage, this one has nearly everybody under its spell — moving out the furniture, taking up the rugs, and choosing partners for some dancing fun that's light 'n' Latin.

Hearing this album, Cha-Cha fans will be glad to make way for a new piece of furniture — the Hammond Organ, that is, with Jackie Davis at the console. And Jackie's many fans will know in advance that the Cha-Cha is a natural for his great, swinging style. The interesting and insistent rhythm patterns provide plenty of inspiration for Jackie's talented fingers and his sparkling originality.

In his choice of selections for this album, Jackie again shows imagination and good taste. Such favorite tunes as Ain't She Sweet?, Rain on the Roof, The Glow-Worm. and Love Is Just Around the Corner romp with fresh splendor in these Cha-Cha settings.

A dynamic Latin rhythm section helps Jackie bring out all the color and excitement that have made the Cha-Cha so popular with dancers. And the always intriguing musical ideas and precision of the performances make "Hammond Gone Cha-Cha" a rare treat, not just for dancers, but for everyone within listening range.