Les & Larry Elgart - Girl Watchers
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Columbia Records CS 9433

Music to Watch Girls By
Shine on Harvest Moon
That's Life
The Spy With a Cold Nose
Night Walk
Out of Nowhere

Girl Watchers
Look for the Silver Lining
Girl Talk
Miss You
Let a Smile be Your Umbrella

This is it!

The something-else LES & LARRY ELGART sound that has the whole country switched on and dancing!

Listen! It's a bright, bold and brassy sound.

Listen! You'll hear new smash hits..... like Girl Watchers, Music to Watch Girls By, The Spy With a Cold Nose and Night Walk.

And lots more!

All movin', all groovin' - it's all LES & LARRY ELGART!

Join the swing to the swingers.  Get with the ELGART sound!

Seldom has there been such a marriage of talents in the record industry - leader, arranger, musicians and performance.  This is one of those rare instances where everything works musically - explosive, colorful and, for a better word, fantastic!   The sound of this album will ring through your phonograph speakers.  It is that kind of sound - alive, vital and very contemporary.  It is great!  It is fantastic!  It is exciting!

Teo Macero