Guadalajara Brass - Tijuana Taxi
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Spinorama Records S-164

Tijuana Taxi
Lonely Bull
After the Aztecs

Holiday in Mexico
The Conquistadors
Victory of the Matador

From the historic city of Guadalajara, capital of the Mexican State of Jalisco, comes our terrific Guadalajara Brass Band. From the ancient rhythms of the mariachi dances, with the blaring brass and the marimba percussion, reminiscent of hundreds of years of tradition, come the unchanged sounds to the top of today s popular music charts.

The pages of Mexican history tell the tale of revolution and overthrow, spilling and intermingling of blood from the days of the ancient Aztecs to the Spaniards, the French, and the Texans, whose various heritages combined to form the modern Mexico of today. The names of Montezuma, Gortez, Juarez, Maximillian, Pancho Villa, and Zapata ring in the ears as those who helped form that great nation. The music that spurred on those great leaders, the music of the ritual ot tlie bullring, the folk heritage of Mexico, lives on today unchanged.

The great wonder is that "LONELY BULL" and "TIJUANA TAXI", up-to-date titles for the same type ot music that has been the inspiration for the Mexican people for ages, have become million sellers in the United States. Not only that, the sound of the Mexico of yesterday and today is so much in demand that ordinary popular songs are being re-arranged to fit into the pattern of mariachi rhythms.

In this album, the Guadalajara Brass aggregation brings you the hit renditions of "TIJUANA TAXI", "LONELY BULL", and other, original, Mexican brass and marimba selections.