Morton Gould - Morton Gould Makes the Scene
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RCA Victor LSP-3771

Strangers in the Night
Georgy Girl
My Cup Runneth Over
Winchester Cathedral
Eleanor Rigby

   Darling Be Home Soon
I'm a Believer
Tell It Like It Is
No Milk Today

It's Gould la Mod...In Time with Today's Junioration

The mood is mod...Morton Gould la mod.

Morton Gould is a music lover.  More than that, he is the famed classical composer,
the noted symphonic conductor, the renowned concert artist.  He is also a good

Here the maestro is in a mod, mod, mod, mod whirl inspired by the rocking rhythms
and swinging songs - the hit songs - of the "now" generation...the Junioration.

Morton Gould flips his baton and stirs a vivid, sparkling insight exactly in the tempo of
the young.  It's no long-hair shortcut.  He hits you with mod-riffs right in the mid-riffs.
He bridges the credibility gap from classic to pop.  He's a mod-erator.

Unashamedly there have been enlightened mixtures of classical and jazz and modern.
Stravinsky composed Ragtime in 1918, and Ebony Concerto in 1945 for the Woody
Herman Herd.  Right now Baroque is the base for Eleanor Rigby and Darling Be
Home Soon
.  Morton Gould feels it perfectly as he leads his orchestra through a
merry pace.  He's a contemporary classic-cat.

There's more here than a mere nod to mod.  This is a deep bow.  This is Morton Gould
la mod.  He makes the scene come alive - tastefully.

Mort Goode

Copyright 1967, RCA

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