Leroy Holmes - Themes from the New Provocative Films

United Artists Records UAS 6742

What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?
Mah-Ná, Mah-Ná
I, A Lover
Women in Love
De Sade (Main Title)
Theme from "The Libertine"

Main title from "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice"
Maybe Tomorrow
All The Loving Couples

are the target, the major mark of the New Cinema: the Blitzkrieg Aesthetics of
movies Now. They are the wrong ones, the strong ones, the potent children of the
new exploration, and their brusque, brash, irreverend, let-it-all-hang-out attitude
makes the most rough and ready viewer take a hard look at himself, and the most
sensitive and vulnerable hide out altogether, or condemn them all as diabolical and

Until very recently, the list of topics they wouldn't discuss, didn't picture, was as
long as the arm of the Hays Office, and most films, effectively censored by the
Gray Ladies of the Blue Nose Establishment, were little more than fantasies in
Candyapple Hogwash.  Andy Hardy and Superman have their place in the universe
of film, but not to the exclusion of more real, more valid characterizations.   National
Velvet and Pillow Talk are a part of the pageant of movies, but one can strangle on
whipped cream perhaps more easily than on vinegar. And so, there has been a
reaction, a revolt against the Tyranny of the Pure. And, as in politics, revolt
generally brings with it some measure of chaos, and uneven standards of quality
apply. The thrust of the reaction is always at the front where repression has been
greatest, and in America, the front is sex.  For years the old taboos chained films to
unreality—now that they are giving way it is inevitable that many of the new films
offend against taste, or exploit the sensational instead of exploring the pertinent.
Freedom of expression is misused when it is implied for low purpose and the worst
of these films are as pretentious and foolish in the excess as any of the old films
were in their restrictions.  Good film is good film and nudity, graphic sexuality, and
perversion do not make a motion picture good or bad in themselves.  It is the attitude
and values of those responsible for a film which set its level of quality.

In features such as those whose themes are the subject of this album, some of the
best of the New Provocative Films, a new kind of exploration is at work. To be
provoked is to be activated, to be roused, to be challenged, and film is the electric,
the Immediate Medium. Provocative Films ... right.  A powerful combination.   Think
well or ill of them as you will, they are here. Listen to the sound of some of the best
of them.

--P. F. Edwards

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