Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman with Billy May - Music for Peace of Mind
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Capitol Records CCF-221

This Room is My Castle of Quiet
The Darkness Gives Me You Again
Remembering Your Lips
My Troubles Float Away Like Fallen Leaves
Your Soft Hand on My Brow
I Dream of a Past Love

In every life there are times when things seem to go exactly right; when business
and health, life and love, dovetail into a pleasant pattern that results in "peace of

Our troubled and complex world today offers all too few periods when we can
relax in this happy mood. At best, perhaps, we have memories of such moments...
the quiet of a country hillside... the glow of achievement that comes with business
success... the throbbing joy of first love.

The music in this album is dedicated to such moments. It is written and played, not
with the crashing chords of conquerors, but with simple relaxed harmonies...
gentle rhythms... the warm, vibrant tones of a flute in the low register, and themes
on the exotic Theremin.

A word about the Theremin. For here is a rare instrument that is closely akin to the
human voice and heart. It is played by the motions of the hands in the air over an
electronic field; the right hand gives pitch, the left volume, yet neither hand comes in
direct contact with the instrument. The tone produced has a vibrant sweetness,
with a tender, pulsing vibrato.

Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman, the artist on the Theremin, is outstanding for his work in
background music for motion pictures such as "Spellbound," "Lost Weekend" and
"Spiral Staircase."  Here, for the first time, Dr. Hoffman has recorded the Theremin
three times - achieving a trio effect, in perfect harmony, all played by the same
artist! Themes are by Harry Revel.

This is music that has a message to give, if you will open your mind and heart to
receive it. Turn down the lights, relax in an easy chair, and listen. Then, for a few
stolen hours, perhaps you will warm to happy memories and blissful hopes: Yours,
for as long as you may hold it, will be peace of mind.

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