Jonah Jones - Swingin' at the Cinema
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Capitol Records T 1083

True Love
A Gal in Calico
Around the World
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing
Colonel Bogey March

An Affair to Remember
Secret Love
Three Coins in the Fountain
All the Way
Lullaby of Broadway

In Swingin' at the Cinema, the Jonah Jones Quartet has gathered a perfect set of songs to display the rich repertoire of Hollywood film music. And with Jonah's revealing handling the melodies stand out in sharp relief, becoming new evidence of the wealth of music the films have produced. They're all brilliantly showcased by the quartet's approach and, in particular, by that jaunty man at the helm, Jonah Jones.

His past hit albums - Muted Jazz, Swingin' on Broadway, and Jumpin' with Jonah - have made Jonah's the sound that all America swings to. And his Swingin' at the Cinema is in the same happy vein. Jonah's technique with these songs is abandoned but sure, and it's aimed at bringing a perky, new swing to each number. Perhaps that's why his performances are so popular... because Jonah has his trumpet tuned to those emotions that make us swing. But analyzing Jonah's work is impossible. Nor is it useful. It's enough to say: Here's Jonah, a swingin' Jonah, Swingin' at the Cinema.