Bert Kaempfert - That Happy Feeling
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Decca Records DL 4305

That Happy Feeling
A Swingin' Safari
Market Day
Take Me

Happy Trumpeter
Tootie Flutie
Sunday in Madrid
Black Beauty

If there's a better way to find "That Happy Feeling" than through the medium of music, it's yet to be found.

And, one of the most popular sounds in music today is the big band—one of the greatest examples of which is the wonderful Bert Kaempfert Orchestra. In addition to personifying today's big band sound, Bert Kaempfert is responsible, perhaps more than any other single factor, for the renewed interest in the popular orchestra.

Conductor-composer-arranger-instrumentalist (clarinet, saxophone, piano, accordion) Bert Kaempfert is responsible for several of the most sizzling recent song hits... among them, the beautiful Wonderland By Night and Afrikaan Beat. Claiming composition as his first love, Mr. Kaempfert wrote the previously mentioned hit, Afrikaan Beat, and his prolific pen is responsible for no less than five of the melodies performed in this album— A Swingin' Safari, Market Day, Take Me, Happy Trumpeter, and Tootie Flutie.

Here is Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra... with an orchestral sound and style that is characteristically ideal for either listening or dancing, and the greatest prescription for "That Happy Feeling" ever discovered.