Lester Lanin - Thoroughly Modern
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Audio Fidelity Records AFSD 6180

Somewhere My Love
I'll Wait for You
A Man and A Woman
On a Clear Day
Impossible Dream
Georgy Girl

Strangers in the Night
Wonderful Day Like Today
Shadow of Your Smile
One of Those Songs
Up Up and Away

Lester Lanin clearly demonstrates in this album his right to the titles "The Society Dance King", "The Musical Maharajah of High Society." Lester is an acknowledged leader and innovator in his chosen field, that of playing danceable, bouncy, listenable, finger-snapping rhythms for the haut monde of society and the smart supper clubs, the elite of the college campuses, and for wedding receptions, cotillions and coming-out parties of the debutantes of Park Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, Shaker Heights, Nob Hill and the other Main Line sets around the country.

His continued success for more than two decades may be attributed to his adaptability to the specific requirements of each occasion whether it be a debutante party, a wedding reception, a college prom, or a Presidential Inaugural Ball.

There is just one Lester Lanin, but on a particularly busy weekend, he may have as many as 40 different orchestras playing, each stylized to the distinctive phrasing that is so readily identified as the "Lester Lanin Sound."

Over the course of an average year, Lester employs more than 1600 musicians, and his bands travel more than two million air miles throughout the United States and Canada, and to such island resorts as Nassau, Bermuda, and Jamaica. His special wedding ensemble, for instance, has played for as many as 75 weddings throughout the country in a single month.

Music by Lester Lanin is a "must" for society anywhere in the country, and a typical series of engagements for the "Society Dance King," might include a debut in Detroit, a wedding in Chicago, a cotillion in Atlanta, a Junior League Ball in Washington, a charity ball in New York, and an Assembly in Los Angeles.

The overwhelming demand for his appearances at debutante coming-out parties is attested to by the fact that advance reservations for the services of his orchestra are made upon the birth of the debutante some 18 years prior to her coming-out.

Mr. Lanin and his orchestra have played a number of important events at The White House, and at the Inaugural Balls in Washington for presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.

A typical Lester Lanin record for longevity is the notable "Prince-Tiger Dance" at Princeton University, which he has played for twenty consecutive years, in the face of annual appearances and disappearances of different name bands and rock and roll combinations. This record of consecutive year-after-year appearances is repeated at many of the leading campuses around the country.

Lester is a particular favorite of the nation's disc jockeys, whose frequent playing of his recordings have made the name of Lester Lanin a musical byword from coast-to-coast.

In "Lester Lanin—Thoroughly Modern," maestro Lanin presents his own distinctive dance arrangements of popular hit songs of recent vintage. They have been selected from the numerous requests he receives from the patrons at the smart supper clubs where Lester Lanin appears.