Billy May - Billy May's Naughty Operetta!
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Capitol Records H 487

Italian Street Song
The Desert Song

Huguette Waltz
Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
One Kiss


The gold old days were never like this...'cause now Billy
May brings them up-to-date with his scintillating sense of
humor!  In the good old days they used to play these
melodies with a heart throb, a braggadocio beat, and a
lump in the throat...but today -- in this album, to be exact
-- Billy plays them for fun, with fresh imagination and a
solid dancing beat!

Very dexterously, Billy lifts the tunes out of the
extravagant operettas in which they were hatched;
he injects them with new life in the form of witty,
colorful arrangements; and his orchestra performs them
with the enthusiastic drive that has made him a favorite
of today's dance and band lovers.

For singing, listening, dancing, laughing, or whatever
else you have in's an album like no other
one you've ever heard!

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