Dean Martin - Pretty Baby
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Capitol Records T-849

I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Only Forever
Sleepy Time Gal
I Don't Know Why
Pretty Baby

You've Got Me Crying Again
Once in a While
The Object of My Affection
For You
It's Easy to Remember

A babe in the hands is worth two in the when the lights are soft
and the music has a sentimental swing, a guy wants to be holding the gal he loves
best, his pretty baby. 

For this album, Dean Martin has chosen songs which describe a fellow's longing,
joy and love for a pretty baby.

These are Dean's favorites--songs he has often sung and always wanted to
record.  With a lively musical background by arranger-conductor Gus Levine's
orchestra and chorus, Dean's easy swinging style and his selection of all-time
standards combine in a new and delightfully fresh experience.

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