Henry Mancini - More Music from Peter Gunn
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RCA Victor LSP-2040

Walkin' Bass
My Manne Shelly
Goofin' at the Coffee House
Odd Ball

Blue Steel
The Little Man Theme
A Quiet Gass
Blues for Mother's

If modern jazz becomes indelibly linked with manslaughter, murder, mayhem,
wisecracking private eyes and droll policemen, the brunt of the responsibility must be
borne by composer Henry Mancini. Because of him the point is rapidly being reached
where no self-respecting killer would consider pulling the trigger without a suitable
jazz background.

Seriously, Henry Mancini has become a pacesetter. Immediately after the first episode
of the TV series "Peter Gunn," Mancini's modern jazz background score became a
topic of general conversation. THE MUSIC FROM "PETER GUNN," his first RCA Victor
album (LPM/LSP-1956), rocketed into the nation's number one best-selling spot with
the muzzle velocity of a police positive. Various recordings of the main theme music
became top single records.

With all this excitement, it was inevitable that others should follow Mancini's lead. TV
detectives now swash, buckle and make love to the strains of modern jazz. Mancini
feels that the whole thing is leading the public toward an ever greater acceptance of
jazz as an art form, benefiting the listener and the musician. Never before have so
many people been actively aware of modern jazz. This form of music has found a
new medium of exposure.

MORE MUSIC FROM "PETER GUNN" is straight from the talented pen of the "original." It
sparkles and swings. It has all the changes of mood, feeling and innuendo which make
great drama and great jazz. Here are imaginative themes and improvisations,
interpreted by some of the world's finest jazz artists. Here is big band jazz with the
impact of tear gas or the delicacy of a fadeout kiss.

Each selection in this album is from a different episode of the "Peter Gunn" NBC-TV
series. The titles are derived from the incidents or characters which inspired the
themes. They are varied, descriptive and exciting. They are great compositions
played by great musicians.

That seems to be the best way to describe this album... great!


by Radio Corporation of America, 1959

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