Hugo Montenegro - Hugo in Wonder-Land
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RCA Records APL1-0413

Living for the City
Too High
You Are the Sunshine of My Life
My Cherie Amor

Higher Ground
Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
You've Got It Bad, Girl
All in Love Is Fair

The greatest tribute that can be paid to any artist or composer is to know that his
material is appreciated by many a people. An even greater one is when another
artist records that material.

Hugo, my thanks began upon my learning that you were going to record my material
and shall end when there is nevuary.*

You have taken what I write, play and sing about to an even higher lavel of
expression. Thank you for letting me into the world of Montenegro.

Thanks also to Larry Muhoberac as keyboard and synthesizer soloist, to Dave Blume
as producer, to John Montenegro as arp synthesizer programmer, to Dick Hamilton
as moog programmer, and to Rick Ruggierri as engineer.

Black Bull Music, Inc. thanks Carl Griffin and Marty Wekset of Jobete Music Company.

--Stevie Wonder

* no eternity

Welcome to the new world of Hugo Montenegro.  New in the very real sense that a
new Montenegro touch has been applied to the majestical magic of Stevie Wonder's

For the gifted and seasoned arranger known heretofore for his beautifully sweeping
and lush sonic style has moved into the modern and adventurous contemporary
world of synthesizer electronic music as his bridge for crossing into the exotic,
invigorating world of Stevie Wonder's music.

An electronic Montenegro, calling on all the untapped, wildly spine-tingling effects
which can be created by the synthesizer, produces a new means by which to enjoy
Stevie Wonder's music.  Hugo's challenge is to design new colors, patterns and tones
for a host of well-known and well-copied hits.

Hugo admits that treating such familiar melodies as "Superstition," "Living in the City"
and "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" to new and uncharted courses was a
difficult assignment. "These hits were the most difficult songs to treat because they
have such an identifying stamp on them," Hugo says.

Nevertheless, Hugo's pioneering spirit and his valid searching musical ideas resulted
in almost nine months of research into Stevie Wonder's music and into the key
elements in the most successful of soul and jazz music.

Consequently, this album is a pastiche of synthesized soul and jazz improvisations,
using five synthesizers - probably the most extensive utilization of the instrument in
soul and jazz recordings to date.

For the past Gold Record winner Hugo Montenegro, this trip to Wonder-land shows
us the capabilities of electronic music when harnessed properly and creatively.

Wonder of it all, Hugo's new electronic sounds work wonders for Steve's own

--Eliot Tiegel

Copyright 1974, RCA Records

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