Hugo Montenegro - Others by Brothers
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RCA Records APL1-0784

Never Can Say Goodbye
Noah's Arp
Feel Like Makin' Love
What's Goin' On

Nothing From Nothing (Suite)
I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Created, Orchestrated, and Conducted by Hugo Montenegro

Produced by Dave Blume Red River Productions

Arranged by Hugo Montenegro with David Blume, John Montenegro, and Larry

Arp Synthesizers Programmed by John Montenegro

Recording and Remixing Engineer: Rick Ruggieri

Associate Engineer: Brian Christian

Recorded in RCA's Music Center of the World, Hollywood, California

Drums - Hal Blaine
Bass - James Jamerson
Guitars - Bob Rose, Larry Carlton*
Keyboards - Larry Muhoberac, Dave Sears
Percussion - Bobbye Hall
Trumpets & Fluegelhorns - Ray Codrington, Gary Barone
Woodwinds - Ernie Watts, Don Menza
Trombone - Dave Sears
Sythesizer solos by Larry Muhoberac;
Guitar solos by Larry Carlton*;
Trumpet solos by Ray Codrington;
Flute solo by Don Menza;
Bass Sax solo by Ernie Watts.

Employed in this recording were the following Arp Synthesizers:
Model 2600 (two) - Model 2500 - The Soloist - The Explorer
The Odyssey
The String Ensemble

*Larry Carlton appears through the courtesy of ABC/Blue Thumb Records

Art Director:  Frank Mulvey
Photographer: Gene Brownell
Special thanks to Mike Reese and The Mastering Lab

Copyright 1975, RCA Records

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