Mariano Merceron - Mariano Merceron Vol. III
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RCA Victor (Mexico) MKL-1212

Ay María
En el Columpio
Amor Perdido
Te Necesito
Guapachá de la Universidad

El que Sabe Sabe
Antojitos Mexicanos
Sabor de Engaño
El Cariñoso
Me Extraña
Guapachá del Politécnico

Cuba, the cradle of Latin American dance music, has given us over the years such international dance crazes as the Conga, the Rhumba, the Mambo and more recently the currently popular Cha Cha Cha. Strangely enough, the Danzon, rythm [sic] which is the original source of both the Mambo and Cha Cha Cha, has never achieved true popularity outside of Latin America where it has long been as standard as is the Fox Trot to the United States. Mariano Merceron, known throughout Latin America as "El Emperador del Danzon" (The Emperor of the Danzon), has dressed this venerable rythm [sic] in a bright new party dress, and now promises to make people forget that the Cha Cha Cha ever existed. This new style, called Danzon Guapacha, was responsible for making Mariano's "La Margarita" the biggest single in Latin America early in 1959 and his first two albums MKL 1072 and MKL 1137 top sellers. Now in Volume III, he offers twelve more great arrangements on some old standards and some great new compositions written especially for this album.