Ray Martin - Up-Up and Away
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RCA Camden CAS-2181

Up-Up and Away
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Don't Sleep in the Subway
The Windows of the World
More and More

The Sweetest Thing This Site of Heaven
Brave New World
My Mammy

Young adults who care about what's happening in music will delight in the sounds
found here. As the title suggests, spirits soar to the swinging beat and lyricism of
the hit tunes that top the popularity charts.

Ray Martin, who has arranged and conducted these sides (and composed one of
them: Brave New World), uses his sensitive touch throughout. Schooled in his
native Vienna, Ray has performed, composed and conducted in every medium on
practically every continent. On the current scene, where it's fair game to borrow
from other cultures, it's handy to be so well versed in the sounds of far-off lands.
Although he has a solid knowledge of traditional instrumentation, Ray chooses,
whenever it's appropriate, to ignore and explore. The results are fun and
stimulating. Exotic combinations, far-out styling, surprising arrangements and
imaginative use of control dials in the sound booth have conspired to involve the
listener, to blow the mind.

Five of the selections are strictly instrumental. Pleasant Valley Sunday and Words
are two current rages of the Monkees. The Windows of the World, a Burt
Bacharach opus that Dionne Warwick has done her thing with, is now flavored
somewhat orientally. Carrie-Anne, a hit as performed by the Hollies, swings along
here from the outset of a funky intro. Chris Bartley's success with The Sweetest
Thing This Side of Heaven
earned its inclusion in this collection.

The popularity of singing combos is reflected in vocal and instrumental renditions
of My Mammy, an old-timer resurrected by the Happenings; Don't S/eep in the
, a Petula Clark special; More and More, which Andy Williams and others
have had fun with; Ray's own Brave New World, and Up-Up and Away,
previously discovered by the Fifth Dimension.

Enjoy Ray Martin's renditions of your favorite hit tunes!


1967, Radio Corporation of America