Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - Equinox
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A&M Records SP 4122

Constant Rain (Chove Chuva)
Cinnamon and Clove
Watch What Happens
For Me

Night and Day
So Danco Samba (Jazz 'n' Samba)

Sergio Mendes and his Brasil '66 are a small, handsome troupe currently producing
some of the largest, handsomest sound around. It's a very Mod Latin Jazz sound, an
expert and tasteful blending of cool vocalizing and very-warm-for-May tempos.

It's as right now as this morning's news (and easier to take), It swings with a light
foot and a light heart and it makes for surprising and exciting variations in feeling and

Sergio Mendes, who created the sound, guides the proceedings from his well-trained
piano. Lani Hall and Janis Hansen handle the closeknit, soaring, distinctive vocal
harmonies. Jose Scares is the Latin percussionist who along with Bob Matthews on
bass join Mendes in vocal collaboration. Joao Palma is on drums.

On this second Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 album for A&M, the fine supporting guitar
sound belongs to John Pisano.

The prevailing musical weather is nicely temperate: brisk and sunny or, equally, soft
and moonlit. As on the Equinox, that first day of spring and of autumn, when night and
day are in perfect balance.

Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times

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