Sandy Nelson - Boogaloo Beat
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Imperial Records LP-12367

Alligator Boogaloo
Funky Broadway
I Second That Emotion
Expressway to Your Heart
Boogaloo Down Broadway
Midnight Magic

Buckaroo Boogaloo
Get On Up
Karate Boogaloo
Soul Man
Mystery Boogaloo
Stagger Lee

The most amazing thing about "the Sandy Nelson talent" is this young man's ability to beat those skins in tune with the times year after year. "Boogaloo Beat" marks Sandy's twenty-fifth album—which speaks for itself— a milestone by any standards. Sandy captures the boogaloo feeling with the same impressionistic style of beat that has kept Sandy Nelson head-and-shoulders above the other NOW generation drummers.

The Nelson rhythm first started with the "teen beat" sound—a sound that thrust him into international fame before you could say "sock hop." He adapted his devastating beat to the great vocal hits and made them instrumental masterpieces. "Teenage House Party" made Sandy's brand of music THE party word for the young set—whenever and wherever things were happening, Sandy was happening. And that hasn't changed.

Then Sandy packed up his drums and went to the nation's number one entertainment showplace, Las Vegas, and etched his instrumental mark in the hearts of even the most sophisticated of the Las Vegas entertainment connoisseurs. Sandy Nelson just couldn't miss.

Now Sandy has come up with a personal kind of big boogaloo beat. And it sounds great. But what's so surprising— this young drummer has been on top of the music scene since he stopped beating his knife and fork on his dinner plate, and started channelling his ability into a snare and bass drum.

Sandy Nelson will always be around— his beat will always tell the story of today. So if you're ever in doubt as to where it's happening musically, get Sandy's newest LP—it'll put you where it's at.