The Out-Islanders - Polynesian Fantasy
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Capitol Records T 1595

My Tane
Little Island
The Moon is Manakoora
China Sea
Beyond the Reef
Sand in My Shoes

Return to Paradise
Sea Breeze
Moon Mist
Ebb Tide
Honorable Hong Kong Rock

When the Out-Islanders interpret the alluring music of the islands, it is sometimes lush, sometimes rhythmically swinging. And at all times the sounds of the Out-Islanders have a discreetly-seasoned exotic flavor.

This discretion comes in part from the presence of Billy May and Charlie Barnet. These two, perhaps better known for their success with other types of music, have great feeling for the music of the South Seas. Because of this, and their love for the splendor of the out-islands, they formed the Out-Islanders for this recording. The all-around brilliance of Billy's arranging, the saxophone artistry of Charlie, the delightful island sounds and songs all add up to a real listening experience in this polynesian fantasy.