The Outriggers - Surrender
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Warner Bros. Records WS 1376

My Isle of Golden Dreams
Drifting and Dreaming
I Want to Learn to Speak Hawaiian
Trade Winds
For You a Lei
Ukulele Lady

The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai
Hawaiian Paradise
Now is the Hour
When Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop
Harbor Lights
Hawaii Calls

To Mainlanders living far distant from the hypnotic shores of Hawaii, the word
"Surrender" will have a meaning different from that found in The Islands. In those
romantic isles, "Surrender" can mean only Romance. And Romance conquers all, or
so the Hawaiians will have you believe.

In this album, Romance is a musical word, and again it conquers all... including the
listener. That is the purpose of The Outriggers fashion twelve favorite
Hawaiian melodies, each designed to make you... and your mate... Surrender.

The spell of this music becomes irresistibly enchanting to those unfortunates living
hundreds of miles from the center of the Blue Pacific. The Outriggers' gentle steel and
rhythm guitars, their joyful ukuleles, their warm rhythmic instruments, and the heady
persuasiveness of their Hammond organ... all merge into a lush sound, one perfect to
dance to, dream to, and Surrender to.

For those far from The Islands, this is the true music of Romance, the provocative
music that lures you closer to Hawaii... and to "Surrender."

1960 Warner Bros. Records, Inc.

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