Dave Pell - Jazz Voices in Video
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Liberty Records LST-7321

This Could be the Start of Something
Like Young
Sing Along
Over the Rainbow
Thanks for Dropping By
Moon River

Thanks for the Memory
Lively One
Dream Along With Me
Holiday for Strings
Melancholy Serenade
See the U.S.A.

The first title is a concise summary of the music within: this could be the start of
something big.  Something big for Dave Pell, who for years has demonstrated his
abilities as a saxophonist, band-leader and producer for others and who has now
come up with what would be described in baseball as a pennant winner.

If we may be allowed to continue the analogy, this album has many of the elements
that make up a winning team.  First, there's a bunch of home run hitters - the songs
themselves.  They're all the themes of top personalities in TV, people like Steve Allen,
Fred Astaire, Andy Williams, Judy Garland and Bob Hope.  Many are standards which
have maintained a long-standing high batting average.

Then, there is the team strategy which Dave worked out.  In this case, it's a winning
sound in which the six singers become absobed, as it were, within the band to
create a fresh, different sound combination.  And, listen to this team swing!

Next, Dave shrewdly obtained the best possible manager for his team, in the person
of arranger Bob Florence.  It is to him that will go many of the crowd's cheers for
his "out of left field" approach to such songs as "Thanks for the Memory,"
"Melancholy Serenade" and "Sing Along."  Although unusual, the arrangements fall
perfectly into place with the orchestra-voices team. 

Over all, there is a professional quality about the entire project which again reminds
one of a sure-fire winner, perhaps the Yankees. 

But, do you know what?  Dave Pell is a Dodgers fan!

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