Perez Prado - Our Man in Latin America
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RCA Victor LPM-2610

Canto Siboney
Estrellita del Sur
Campanitas de Cristal
Ay Ay Ay

The Peanut Vendor (El Manicero)
Tico Tico no Fuba
Pachito E-Che
Alma Llanera
Compadre Pedro Juan

An exciting "first" in this album!   Prado introduces the "bongoson" - a marriage of the
twist and the Cuban "son."

Selecting the most popular and represenative songs from the main Latin American
music capitals, Prado arranges these songs into the most popular and sparkling new

Side 1

CANTO SIBONEY - Bossa Nova... originall a Cuban rumba, here rewritten as a
bossa nova.

ESTRELLITA DEL SUR - Bongoson... one of the best-known Peruvian waltez, here
arranged as a bongoson.

CAMPANITAS DE CRISTAL - Bongoson... a sentimental Puerto-Rican bolero, rewritten
as a bongoson.

GUADALAJARA - Bongoson... originally a Mexican cancion (song), here arranged
as a bongoson.

AY AY AY - Cha-Cha... originally a Chilean cancion, rewritten as a cha-cha.

GUARARE - Bossa Nova... originally a Panamanian cumbiera, rewritten as a bossa

Side 2

THE PEANUT VENDOR (EL MANICERO) - Rumba... originally a Cuban pregon (street
vendor cry), later arranged as a "son" for dancing, here written as a rumba.

TICO TICO NO FUBA - Bongoson... originally a Brazilian samba, now arranged as a

PACHITO E-CHE - Bossa Nova... originally a son paisa, a popular dance in Colombia,
now arranged as a bossa nova.

UNO - Cha-Cha... one of the best-known Argentine tangos, here arranged as a

ALMA LLANERA - Bossa Nova... a Venezuelan dance rated second only to that
country's anthem, here arranged as a bossa nova.

COMPADRE PEDRO JUAN - Bongoson... the most typical dance of the Dominican
Republic; originally a merengue, here arranged as a bongoson.

1963, Radio Corporation of America

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