Perez Prado - Dance Latino
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RCA Victor LSP-3330

Adiós Pampa Mia
One Night
Fast Goodnight
Peg o' My Heart
Cricket Serenade

La Rubia
Cucara, Cha Cha Cha
Be True to Me
Surfside 6
Abulaby Laby
Keep Dancing

Here is dance music played with stinging excitement, designed to make agile feet
move fast to an irresistible Latin rhythm. The Perez Prado band is famous for its ability
to give a pulsating, danceable beat to any song it offers. Even the sentimental old
favorite Peg o' My Heart becomes a freshly scintillating señorita under the guidance
of Perez Prado.

Of course you remember that it was Prado who came up with those sensational
renditions of Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, and later Patricia. Both of these
million-seller records set new sound trends. And this DANCE LATINO album rings with
a brilliant clarity of sound that conveys the full dynamic impact of the rousing music.
The stunning effect is heightened by that jungle cry of verve and triumph which is
the Perez Prado trade-mark. There are also some "scat" choruses from the band; and
you should get a few chuckles from the cleverly complaining lyric of Fast Goodnight.

"Prez" Prado, the original King of the Mambo, was born in Cuba but scored his first
tremendous hit in Mexico City. Thanks to that incredible Prado sound that's never been
duplicated, he's now renowned throughout the United States and Latin America.

DANCE LATINO is an excitingly alive album for anyone who's in the mood to take some
torrid turns on the dance floor. This isn't tame music. It is wild and wonderful! It is
music with zip for dancers with zest. Here are soaring, jumping tunes with built-in fun.

DANCE LATINO has such a well-defined Latin rhythm that you'll find yourself dancing
like a professional to the beat of famous Perez Prado's fabulous Latin style.

© 1965, Radio Corporation of America

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