The Polyphonics - Zounds! what Sounds
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Seeco Records CELP 448

Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland
Out of Nowhere
El Cumbanchero
A Woman
September Song
Under the Paris Skies

La Rififi
Pennies From Heaven/I Can't
Give You Anything but Love
St. Louis Blues

Polyphonics, which means "many sounds", is quite an appropriate name for the
group represented by this album. As you shall hear, many sounds emanate from
each track. And, yet, the Polyphonics number only THREE...Ben Burley and Lou De
Santis on the Hohner harmonicas and Dick Scholl with, what is lovingly called, "The

Now, that your curiosity has been aroused, we hasten to explain "The Monster". It
can partly be referred to as a multiple track tape recorder utilizing Ampex 960
machines. All other electronic equipment which is used for the purpose of providing
the acoustical effects on this album was built by Dick Scholl. The Ampex Model 960
Stereophonic Recorder/Reproducer is capable of essentially distortionless frequency
response from 30 to 20,000 cycles per second at the operating speed of 7 1/2 inches
per second, and from 30 to 15,000 cycles per second at 3% inches per second.

These, then, are The Polyphonics...

Dick technician...started on his musical career by playing professional
accordian. He was able to fit in 7 years of mechanical experience before the brand
new field of electronics opened up. Combining his mechanical experience and his
study of electronics, Dick became a leading man in the electronics field. Dick
collaborated with John Newit, who was responsible for most of Dick's electronic
training, to produce "Practical TV Servicing", a text which is used today in TV training
schools. Besides being a member of The Polyphonics, Dick Scholl is the owner of
one of the few audio custom houses specializing in Audio component sales and

Ben Burley began playing the harmonica at a fairly early age and received quite a bit
of training with the famed original Borah Minevitch Harmonica Rascals. In his travels,
Ben earned the distinction of becoming an expert at the unusual and rarely practised
trade of harmonica tuning. While working with the Borah Minevitch group Ben met...

Lou De Santis, who had also been making music with the harmonica for a number of
years. Lou also has a flair for writing and arranging. The arrangements for this album
are Lou's brain children, as is the song "A Woman".

Both Ben and Lou thrived under the guidance of their work with Borah Minevitch.
And their friendship and ideas thrived as well...resulting in their decision to go out
on their own with an act and try to achieve their own niche in the harmonica field.
Getting together an act for clubs presented a problem to the boys...that of
amplification. Through recommendations and word of mouth, Ben and Lou finally
sought the services of Dick Scholl and presented their problem to him. The rest is
simple...Dick came up with "The Monster", joined Ben and Lou in their night-club
act and The Polyphonics were born.

Now, it's time for you to get into the act. All you have to do is listen to these many
new exciting sounds. And we will hear only TWO actual
harmonicas. To quote Ampex Audio Inc., "This is quite a technical feat on your
part and you are to be congratulated." And Seeco congratulates The Polyphonics,

MEET ME TONIGHT IN DREAMLAND - This old favorite receives a new treatment
in sound. The unique sound quality on this track is achieved only by the special
tuning of the harmonicas by Ben Burley.

OUT OF NOWHERE - Lou De Santis, takes this standard and transforms it into a
different arrangement, which incidentally includes a chorus of HEARTACHES.

EL CUM BANCHERO - The exciting tempo of this track is coupled with the
exciting sound that the boys create with their harmonicas.

A WOMAN - This tune, an original by Lou De Santis, pictures a woman in blue.
Listen to the wailing sound of the harmonica.

SEPTEMBER SONG - The lyric melodic line of this well remembered song is
interwoven by figurations which, if you listen closely, create the effect of
September's golden, falling leaves.

UNDER PARIS SKIES - A waltz as smooth as the flow of the river Seine gives
way to a spirited can-can, painting a portrait of the City of Lights.

CARAVAN - The boys take you on a trip across the desert in a brightly colored
caravan. As you travel, the desert tribes play haunting melodies on their flutes.

LA RIFIFI - The "Polys" play this simple, lovely melody softly with only a hint of a
bolero tempo in the background.

medley of two familiar songs done in shuffle tempo. On "I Can't Give You
Anything But Love", the bass harmonic plays the melody producing an unusual

TRISCHT TRASCHT - Take one Strauss waltz...give it to The Polyphonics. Lo
and behold, here is the child's world of a circus complete with a calliope, cotton
candy and all three rings going at once!

ST. LOUIS BLUES - The daddy of all blues played with a true blues feeling. After
one chorus of the melody, the boys stare improvising with solos and a driving
chorus by what will appear to the ears as a "brass section".

LOVER - On this up tempo track, the harmonicas are joined by a synthetic bass
which is produced electronically. Listen close and you'll hear what you think is the
sound of a drum stick hitting the rim of a drum...produced by "The Monster".

The Polyphonics use HOHNER HARMONICAS exclusively