Tito Puente - Tambˇ
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RCA Victor LPM-2257

Dance of the Headhunters
Call of the Jungle Birds
The Ceremony of Tambˇ
Cuero Pelao

Jungle Holiday
Ritual Drum Dance
Witch Doctor's Nightmare
Son Montuno
Voodoo Dance at Midnight

The  incomparable Tito Puente, whose highly danceable Latin stylings have won him a
tremendous American following, is a man who doesn't rest on his laurels. Proof of this
can be heard in Tamb
, an exciting display of tropical melody which echoes the
primitive pulsations of the jungle.

Puente followers will find that Tito has given
Latin dance music a new dimension as he
presents a thrilling array of savage, passionate
rhythm. The album not only serves as a new
departure for Tito, it opens a new vista of sound
for lovers of Latin music.

Drums and bongos provide the basic infectious
beat throughout most of the record. In "Dance of
the Headhunters, trumpets are brought in to
highlight the wild rhythms. "Witch Doctor's
Nightmare," perhaps the most savage of the
twelve selections, creates a fascinating effect through the use of a saxophone chorus. In
"Voodoo Dance at Midnight," an eerie opening
turns into a blazing hi-fi display of brass and

A change of pace is heard in "Call of the Jungle Birds," in which bongos, flutes and
guitar paint an exotic picture of tropical wildlife. Percussion fanciers will be especially
pleased with "Rumba-Timbales," which creates an excitingly sensuous mood of Latin
magic. And each of the other spectacularly recorded numbers—especially the title
melody, "The Ceremony of Tamb
ˇ"— brings out all the romance, imagery and passion
of the primitive jungle wilds.

If your taste runs toward the torrid and tropical, then Tamb
ˇ, by Tito Puente, should suit
you to a T.

Copyright 1960, Radio Corporation of America

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