Edmundo Ros - Latin Rhythms
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London Records LPB 155

Samba Samba
La Comparsa

Tico Tico

It may seem slightly incongruous that a young student of serious music at the
famed Royal Academy of Music in London should one day become Great Britain's
outstanding exponent of Latin American rhythms. But that was the beginning of the
acknowledged British King of the rumba and samba.

Edmundo Ros' story of success actually began much earlier than when he left his
native Venezuela to study music in London, but there is no doubt that it was the
sound principals of musical knowledge laid down by the strict academy faculty that
formed the basis of his career. That plus a lot of talent, of course; but this leader of
Latin music would be the first to insist that talent in itself is not inough and that it
takes a lot of hard work to reach the leights.

That Edmundo Ros has worked hard, and does work hard, is without dispute. He
plays nightly at one of London's most popular restaurants, and then later, moves on
to play at a well-known supper club. In addition he is heard regularly on the radio,
finds time to make recordings (including such American best-sellers as the "Wedding
Samba", recorded for the London Label), and has appeared in a number of
successful films. He is also a composer of note and has written several very
popular songs.

While the musicians who play with Edmundo Ros are of top quality (his own musical
instinct demands that) the real key to the success of his orchestra undoubtedly lies
with Edmundo himself. Probably the most important player in any orchestra specializing
in Latin American music is the drummer. It is the drummer who sets the rhythmic pace
of this interesting music; in fact he is the focal point of the permeating rhythm. And
playing the drums in front of the band is Edmundo Ros himself. His instinct backed by
his sound musicianship sets the unfaltering beat that forms the patterns of the
authentic music.

In the midst of all of Edmundo Ros' varied activities, he finds time to be a
"Man-about-town" and is a well known figure in the smart spots in London's West End.
He entertains frequently in his debonair bachelor's flat where he regales his guests
with exotic dishes from his native South America. As an amateur chef he is almost as
proficient as he is with his music, and like his music, his food is spiced with those
strange touches that makes it the delight of epicures.

He has visited these shores on several occasions, and has appeared as a popular
guest on numerous well-known radio sliows. In Hollywood he is a great favorite with
the film colony, and always pays his many friends on the west coast a visit when in
this country.

This group of interesting selections, presented for the first time by Edmundo Ros on
a London Label long playing record, is a welcome addition to the collection of the
Latin-American music enthusiast.

Copyright 1950 by The London Gramophone Corporation, New York 10, N.Y.

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