Gonzalo Roig - In a Cuban Garden
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RCA Victor LPM-1531

Fantasía Cubana
Mosaico Cubano
Fantasía Sobre Dos Temas
del Baile Típico de "El Cocuye"
Hoy Son Día de Reye

Quiéreme Mucho (Yours)
El Mambi
Flor de Yamurí (Flower of Yamuri)
La Bella Cubana (The Beautiful Cuban Girl)
Potpourri de Aires Nacionales


Music undoubtedly has the power to charm, particularly when it is written with genuine feeling and ability. In this superlative collection we hear music with just this quality, music that truly delights the senses. The source of this enchantment is the music written by Gonzalo Roig, which forms the basis of this album.

Of Roig's many compositions, Quiéreme Mucho is probably the best known and the most responsible for his reputation as a composer of great merit. Side Two of the album opens with this lovely melody in a resplendent instrumental interpretation by the composer. Also included in this collection are Fantasía Sobre dos Temas del Baile Típico de "El Cocuye" and Hoy Son Día de Reye, two other celebrated Roig compositions.

To enrich the wealth of material by Roig several other well-known Latin American selections have been added, including the popular Bella Cubana by White, and Tú, an habanera by Sánchez de Fuentes.

Conducting his own orchestra and, on the last two bands of the second side, the Ignacio Cervantes Orchestra, Gonzalo Roig indeed charms the listener with his marvelous mixture of musical magic.


© by Radio Corporation of America, 1958