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RCA Victor LSO-1152

The Cast and Crew
I Will Take You There
SKIDOO/Commercials/Let's Get
The Hardware/Murder in the
Angie's Suite
The Tree

Garbage Can Ballet
Tony's Trip
Escape: Impossible/Green Bay
Packers March
Escape: Possible
SKIDOO/Goodbye Mr. Banks

I think I'd like to write a scintillating synopsis about a wild new movie and two brilliant
people. . .. (I'd also like to do my Donald Duck impersonation and visit Acapulco, but
there just isn't time.)

The wild new movie is "Skidoo," whose plot pertains to the Establishment. It deals with
those folk of upper-middle-class income and habits who fear any progress which
might alter their conventional comforts. And it views the younger generation, who
represent the force for change in contemporary society.

What about the two brilliant people? Oh, yes ... first, there's Otto Preminger. Mr. P. has
done many wonderful things for moom-pitcher scoring. He has introduced a number
of great talents to this critical field, notably: Elmer Bernstein for "Man with a Golden
Arm" (I've always thought Elmer has conducted himself properly), Ernest Gold for
"Exodus," Duke Ellington for "Anatomy of a Murder" (believe it or not, the Duke had
never been used before in motion-picture work), David Raksin for "Laura," etc.

Now the prolific Preminger has done it again. He has signed the other brilliant person
I was going to mention. A wildly creative, witty, unpredictable talent named Nilsson
has written the lyrics and music to "Skidoo."

Nilsson is in a completely different bag from any one or multi-monikered artist. Actually,
he does have a first name . . . (which up until now was known only by Margo
Lane). . . .

Nilsson is a tall, nice-looking lad, despite the fact that he is over one hundred and
twenty years old. He was found wandering with Ronald Coleman in Tibet a number of
years ago, mumbling something about a hidden valley.

In "Skidoo" Nilsson has performed a first . . . thanks to the idea of Preminger. He sings
the end titles and credits in his fascinating Nilsson-type fashion.

By the way, kudos should also be tossed the way of George Tipton, who did a
magnificent job as arranger-conductor.

The sound track to "Skidoo" does, indeed, sock it to you . . . and I couldn't be happier
for the whole talented bunch.


Former Lookout Man on the Titanic, KMPC Radio Guy
and Regular on Rowan and Martin's "Laugh In."

Channing's crossing of the Delaware River?

Carol Channing in "Skidoo"

Copyright 1968, RCA

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