Yma Sumac - Mambo!
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Capitol Records T-564

Bo Mambo
Taki Rari
Chicken Talk
Goomba Boomba

Malambo No. 1
Five Bottles Mambo
Indian Carnival
Cha Cha Gitano
Carnavalito Boliviano

The mambo -  as full of color and as exotic as it is - becomes infinitely more colorful
and exotic when interpreted by the voice of Yma Sumac.

The incredible talent of this young woman is internationally renowned. From festivals
in her native village of Ichochan, high in the Peruvian Andes, to concertstages in the
world's most cosmopolitan centers, audiences have acclaimed her voiceas it soars
and plunges dramatically through its fabulous range.

In this album of mambos the stirring voice of Yma Sumac creates melodic patterns
as colorful and varied as the selections she sings - selections written for her by the
talented South American composer Moises Vivanco, and Billy May, who arranged and
conducted the brilliant orchestral settings.

The mambo's excitement emerges from the amazingly infectious character of its beat -
a rhythm so full of fascination that it has even been known to lure large groups of
people from their daily responsibilities. And if the mambo beat alone is an exotic
community hazard, there's no telling what its effect will be when heard as recorded
here by Yma Sumac!