Bob Thompson - On the Rocks
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RCA Victor LPM-2145

There's a Small Hotel
June is Bustin' Out All Over
Happy Talk
Breezin' Along with the Breeze
Just You, Just Me
Almost Like Being in Love

On the Rocks
Jersey Bounce
The Little Black Box
All the Things You Are

About the picture on the cover... Stimulating, isn't it?

Well, just between us, those aren't real ice cubes - but, rest assured, the intoxicant is
full proof. That obviously cool chick (ice cubes or no) pointedly portrays the true
essence of this album. It's her way of promising you an intriguing concoction of heady
ingredients poured out in fascinating form.

Here's the recipe, in case you want to follow it: Choose with care from the most
favored musical selections (avoid stale standards, pick only the fine mellow stuff),
spice with a few dashes of original composition, whip up arrangements that accent
imagination and lightness (don't get too frothy or you'll end up with foam), stir to a
sharp beat and have served by master musicians. That's how this musical
refreshment was prepared.

The priceless ingredient in any recipe is, of course, the knowing hand that pours,
mixes and stirs. In this case the Mix Master is Bob Thompson, lie is the ingenious
young man who picked the songs, arranged and conducted the orchestra and
voices, and who composed the original selection, On the Rocks, to give us a fitting
title and idea for the album.

Bob is recognized as one of the most skilled and highly inventive talents in Hollywood
today. He was born in San Francisco and studied at the University of California at
Berkeley. He has lived and worked in Paris and the Far East, perhaps the source
spring for his fresh approach to composing and arranging. He returned to California
not too long ago where he has won acclaim for his ability to distill a light-hearted,
intoxicating brand of music.

About the picture on the cover

LEE ZHITO - The Billboard

by Radio Corporation of America, 1960

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