The Three Suns - Fever & Smoke
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RCA Victor LSP-2310

Like Young
Theme from "A Summer Place"
Beyond the Sun
Petite Fleur

Colonel Bogey March
Sleep Walk
Chanson d'amour


SUPERNOVA- The white hot explosion
of a firey sun.

Triple the explosion and you have the
amazing versatility of the Three Suns in
their latest explosion of music, FEVER

Here we have another masterful
mixture of magical music brewed with
the accustomed artisty of the Suns,
and stirred, simmerd and flavored to
the boiling point by the magic touch of
Producers Nevins-Kirshner.

Side One starts off with a blast of heat
in a sensuously throbbing version of
Fever, setting both the mood and the climate of the entire album.  Sleep Walk is a stroll
through a magic inferno, and the Chinese gong in the incendiary Tequila is
tongue-in-cheek music at its best.

To cool the temperature a bit, the delicate notes of the harpsichord are introduced, in
crystal clarity, in Theme from "A Summer Place," but the heat from the blazing Suns
cannot be so easily dispelled, and they leave behind them a burning bridge over the
River Kwai in a tempestuous interpretation of the Colonel Bogey March as it has never
before been performed.

Sound-wise, the Suns have added the mallet family, the marimba, the vibraphone, the
Salvation Army Drum, kettledrum and all the in-betweens, and surrounded themselves
with the rhythm and blues of today - Fender bass and the feel to go with it.

Charles Albertine's original compositions - Beyond the Sun and Smoke - and his
superlative arrangements again show his creative talent in a new phase.

This unusual package is designed to create excitement, stir emotions and kindle your
imagination - so put the record on the turntable, turn up the volume, and control

WARNING: Keep in a cool place.


by Radio Corporation of America, 1961