The Art Van Damme Quintette - Cocktail Capers
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Capitol Records H-178

Dark Eyes
I've Got You Under My Skin
If I Had You

I Know That You Know
The Breeze and I
The Man I Love

It's six o'clock, and a gay group gathers in the smart apartment high up, overlooking
the vast metropolis...

Time for sophisticated repartee...for tinkling glasses, sly glances, cheerful

Time for music!

"Cocktail Capers" offers selections with all the sparkle of champagne.  The Art Van
Damme Quintette is the type of intimate cocktail combination that any hostess would
give her sable stole to present to her guests; accordion, vibes, piano, guitar, bass
and rhythm, happily linked.

It's music that will get your party off to a good start - fill in those "lulls" in conversation.
You'll want to play it as a background for badinage...a pickup for that after-five
fatigue...for fun!

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