The Incredible World of James Bond
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United Artists Records S 21010

Leroy Holmes - James Bond Theme
Leroy Holmes - From Russia With Love
Monty Norman - Under the Mango Tree
John Barry - Bond Back in Action Again
Monty Norman - Jump Up

Leroy Holmes - Goldfinger
John Barry - Gypsy Camp
Leroy Holmes - 007
John Barry - James Bond with Bongos
Monty Norman - Jamaica Jazz

Licensed to kill in the line of duty, Secret Agent James Bond — otherwise known
as 007 - is pitted against the most insidious criminal minds of SMERSH and
SPECTRE, meeting their cunning and violence with the mixture of cold courage and
professional skill that have become his trademarks.

And if in the line of duty super-spy Bond takes time out for pleasure with the
remarkable Pussy Galore, or the lovely Russian seductress, Tatiana Romanova,
or any of the other magnificent women drawn to him as gypsy moths to candlelight,
remember that this dedicated secret agent, unrelenting in his fight against the
ruthless enemies of freedom, is after all only a man.

Ah, but what a man! Handsome, suave, impeccably dressed, wise in the delightful
ways of the world's most beautiful women (and vodka martinis), a man of taste,
intelligence and passion, Bond exemplifies the very image of the ideal lover, and
there is little wonder he's the best-loved spy in the business.

Yet, if 007's be an enviable, exciting life, full of adventure and romance, fast cars
and even faster women, it is also a life of constant danger. All too often his
steadfast devotion to his perilous cause, his casual readiness to engage his
enemies on their own territory have gotten him into many a tight spot. Great pain
and suffering have been inflicted on him by such cruel, sadistic madmen as the
diabolical genius Dr. No and the fanatical Auric Goldfinger. And only through
split-second wit and ingenuity has Bond managed to survive, and often just barely.

But Bond thrives on conflict. At every turn he courts disaster. He lives only for the
moment. In an age of violence, he is a man of strength and action: sensual,
fatalistic, hard, yet capable of great tenderness. Truly, a hero for and of the times.

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