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Capitol Records STAO 2574

Side One: The Scene

Side Two: The Trip

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a documentary report on the current psychedelic drug controversy!

LSD... Actual recordings of people under the influence of psychedelic drugs...Psychedelic music...The sound of the "Acid Test"...LSD users and pushers and the amazing story of LSD in action...Comments by such LSD authorities as Sidney Cohen, M.D., the controversial Dr. Timothy Leary, Mrs. Aldous Huxley, and Allen Ginsberg.


At Capitol Records we live in a world of the young
- a world of rock 'n' roll music, amid the need for a constant awareness of teenage interests of all kinds. We are, therefore, perhaps more aware of, and more sensitive to, the widespread use of LSD among the school age population. It is our firm belief that exposure to knowledge on this subject is of utmost importance to this group, and even more so to parents - which is why we have made this album. What better way to study and understand this subject and its dangers than at its very source - by listening in on the LSD community of musicians, pushers, narcotics officers, medical experts, non-medical "experts," and users themselves.

What is LSD? Is it a dangerous psychologically-habituating drug from which there may be a point of no return, or is it, as many users would like to believe, a consciousness-expanding chemical which enables one to see himself and his relationship to the universe and his fellow man for the first time? Is it one of the evils of our highly-complicated society symptomatic of its decline, or is it instead a new "religion" which will lead us into greater awareness and accomplishments?

Who should take it, under what conditions, what are its possibilities for good, and what are its dangers? These questions must be faced by all of us at this time when the widespread use of LSD is threatening to "turn on" the world. It is our sincere hope that the information exposed here will be helpful to those who want to understand what is "happening" in our high schools, colleges, and metropolitan communities today and all of the implications involved.

We did much soul-searching before planning this album. Could we possibly be doing any harm by helping to publicize this very subject, regardless of the nature of our approach? We came to the conclusion that so much publicity has already been given to LSD that it would be unlikely that we would be bringing it to the attention of anyone for the first time. We decided further that the phonograph record might be the best medium through which to properly educate and inform those very people who have only surface knowledge, and have failed to read the few books that have been written in depth on this subject.

We looked to Sidney Cohen, M.D. for help - because he is this country's leading medical authority on the subject of LSD. With 17 years of research on the subject and a United States Government grant behind him, Dr. Cohen represents a responsible medical approach to a still very controversial subject. We felt we had to go further and listen as well to what Dr. Cohen calls the "chemical visionaries" who are raising their voices in support of LSD. It is our belief that this album could not have been a true and honest documentary account of the subject without a presentation of what they have to say. That is why in this album you will hear the voices of Dr. Timothy Leary, Mrs. Aldous Huxley, and Allen Ginsberg.

From an editorial standpoint we cannot help but say that we feel great concern over the seriousness of indiscriminate use of LSD. However, in spite of the fact that we recognize that use of this drug might well be one of the major social problems of our time, this album is not meant to preach. It is meant to expose - as honestly as possible.

There will be a great deal on which the listener will have to draw his own conclusions.

President, Capitol Records, Inc.


Award-winning photographer, co-author of the new book, "LSD," and noted for his LSD essay in LIFE magazine.

Written by Richard Warren Lewis


In order to support further medical research on LSD, royalties ordinarily paid for production services on this album are being donated to The Los Angeles Medical Research Foundation.

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