The Name of the Game is Go
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Pan American World Airways

Side 1: The Pan Am GO Commercials

Put a Dime in the Slot
Let the Grass Climb a Tree
Leave the Mail in the Box
Leave the Phone Off the Hook
Leave the Train on the Track
Take Your Wife By the Hand
A medley of Japanese, Spanish, French and Portuguese

Side 2: Just for the Record

"Go" with Variations

Sammy Davis Jr.
"The Goin's Great"

Steve Allen
"The Goin's Great"

There's one airline advertising campaign that's more than an airline campaign. Because it sells more than just an airline. It sells travel, like travel has never been sold before.

Teach your dreams how to fly
Spread your wings, say goodbye

A campaign to make people get up and go somewhere. Go anywhere. Go today. Go tomorrow. Go in 24 hours or less.

Disappear from the pack
Do your thing, don't come back

A campaign that knows everyone dreams of traveling. Except too many too often postpone the dream - to settle instead for trading last year's car for next year's model. Or painting the house. Or driving down to the shore to visit grandmother. The trick is to get them to cash in on those dreams - this year. And to visit their Travel Agent - you. Like today.

Be a man, not a mouse
Sell your car, rent your house

When the 747 takes off, there's going to be a lot more room up on Cloud Nine. A lot more seats to fill. A lot more people to sell. That's why we've designed our advertising to get them into your office. That's why our advertising is your advertising as well.

Leave the house up a tree
Lock the door, lose the key

And that's why the campaign is our biggest yet. Selling travel on national television and local radio. Selling it in magazines and newspapers. Selling it undergound in the subways and above ground on billboards. Selling it with promotions. With tours. With the world's biggest campaign selling overseas travel.

Kiss the gang au revoir
Let 'em guess where you are

On one side of the record in this album you can hear the commercials. On the other side are interesting variations on the music from the commercials. Plus Sammy Davis Jr.'s popular recording "The Goin's Great" and Steve Allen's interpretation.

The "Go" commercials are just as you hear them on television and radio. With brief excerpts from the Japanese, Spanish, French and Portuguese versions. Listen and see if it doesn't make you want to take off, too.

For once in a lifetime
Get into this world